Unitec Fire & Security Systems


Unitec offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help protect you, your home and your company from everyday hazards. All our products are of a high quality and reliable. Our team will be there to assist you in choosing products to suit your needs.

Solutions are provided under the following categories:

Fixed Dire Protection System:

Customers can choose from a range of products that are of a superior quality. Products include Sprinklers (indoor), Drenchers (outdoor), CO2 Flooding FM 200, Dry Powder Hood, Foam High (Expansion), Foam Low (Expansion) and training.

Fire Fighting Systems:

Fire Fighting Systems include Hydrant Systems, Hose Reel Systems and training. Customers have the option of choosing from a diverse range of fire hose reels and hydrants that can be used in any fire situation.

Alarm Systems:

Under this category we provide a complete range of products that will enable you to detect fires and act early Products include Smoke and Heat Detectors, Infrared Detectors, Beam Detectors, Break Grass Detectors, Sounders, Bell/Sirens, Flame/Spark Detectrs, Air Sampling Detectors, Gas Detectors as well as training.

Our staff will be there to give you advice and support you with the installation of these equipments.

Portable Fire Extinguishers:

We also offer a variety of fire extinguishers of high quality that can be used in any fire situation. The types of fire extinguishers include CO2, Dry Powder, Water, Gas Cartridge, Pressure type, Foam, Sand Basket, Fire Blanket, 25KG/50KG Dry Powder Trolley, 25KG CO2 Trolley, 25KG/50KG Foam Trolley and training.


Clean Agent Suppression Systems

UFSS  is an authorized distributor of “SRI” HFC 227 Gas Extinguishing System/ Inertec100 Fire Suppression Systems a clean agent fire suppression systems. Our people are factory-trained in the design, installation, and service of these systems. All of the clean agents we sell, are safe for normally occupied spaces and make an excellent choice for protection of your computer room, telephone switch room, archives, or any other vital hazards you might have.

Foam Systems & Products

All Foam products are designed, tested, and listed to perform together. The Foam agents, storage tanks, proportioning equipment, and discharge devices provide a reliable system. quality products, coupled with UFSS first rate service and maintenance, will allow you to rest easy knowing you're protected. Applications include: Hangars, Heliports, Fuel Storage & Loading Racks, etc...

Carbon Dioxide Systems

The ORIGINAL “CLEAN” FIREFIGHTING AGENT -- We design, install, and service Carbon Dioxide systems. They provide automatic or manual protection for hazards where Class A (deep seated), Class B (flammable liquid & gases), and Class C (electrical) fire may occur. Examples include: Diesel Engine Rooms, Printing Presses, Heat Treating & Quench Tanks, etc...

Fire Sprinkler System / Hydrant and Hose Reel Systems

UFSS is an authorized distributor of “SRI” Sprinkler, Wet and Dry Riser, Hose Reel / Hydrant Equipment, UFSS will Design the Fire Sprinkler System / Hydrant and Hose Reel Systems  as for the requirements of the  site and to the guidelines / standers of the local Fire Authority,
UFSS can design, install, and service a system to meet your needs.  Our well trained personnel qualified to perform all field service and ensure your system is operational properly.

Fire Alarm Systems

We offer a complete line of state-of-the-art fire alarm equipment manufactured by ZETA, Appollo, and others. Systems range from small, conventional zoned systems to microprocessor-based/software controlled systems, to an intelligent, fully addressable networked system. Perhaps you need a central alarm panel to monitor other systems such as sprinklers, gaseous suppression, or water detection. Whatever the case, we can design, install, and service a system to meet your needs.

Flame / Gas Detection and Smoke aspiration Systems

When you think of flame and/or gas detection, you think of names like Det-Tronics, Extrlis “ VESDA”  , Crowcon and ZETA, the industry leaders in optical fire and gas detection. UFSS is an authorized distributor for the complete line of ZETA products. We have factory trained personnel qualified to perform field service and ensure your system is operating properly. Perfect for: Hangars / Factories, Electrical / DATA Server room, Printing Presses, Fuel Loading Stations, Bunkers, and Vault / Parking Decks, etc...

Fire Suppression Systems

Dynameco fire extinguishing generators, the innovative and environment-friendly suppression technology. The aerosol fire suppression agent technology developed by Dynamit Nobel is one of the leading technologies worldwide. The hi-tech equipment of modern industrial buildings, machines, facilities and installations requires compact, fast and reliable fire protection systems. People and assets must be protected effectively, downtimes must be prevented. The first seconds between the breaking out of the fire and fire fighting are decisive for the successful suppression of fires.

Dynameco Aerosol extinguishing agent technologies have a competitive edge compared with other technologies dealing with small volumes. This means that Dynameco can efficiently protect small areas/rooms at low cost. For example, the Dynameco 200 can be employed in room volumes as small as 1m³.

Domestic Smoke & Domestic Gas Alarms

Both optical and ionisation smoke alarms are available and each is offered with either 1 year replaceable battery or as a 10 year sealed for life alarm. Likewise the carbon monoxide alarms are available with either a replaceable battery or as a 7 year sealed for life product.

All smoke alarms have been certified to BS EN 14604:2005 and all gas alarms are independently tested to conform to BS EN 50291:2001.


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